Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All done

I am closing this blog and printing it so that I can look at it and have it be inspiration so that one day I may really run a marathon. That has been my dream for a long time. I started running again today, I hated it, but I know that as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other my life moves forward towards any thing that I can accomplish. I'm still sad/mad that I didn't finish and run, almost everyday I think of it, maybe that is because almost everyday I think of AmyLynne.  I am thankful to have my family, especially KayLynne, she can help me see things in a different way and that makes me better.  Mostly though I'm so thankful for an amazing husband that loves me and my bursts of enthusiasm!! He was my running mate, then my biking mate, and then my sag wagon, I couldn't have done any of this with out him.  I love him more than he will ever realize. I'm so happy to spend eternity with my man.

I will run and I will go farther than before

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So obviously I didn't post my outcome from the Dr. He did x-rays to make sure no stress fracture, nope, the conclusion was a pulled tendon. I was on anti-inflammitories and steroids to try and get me ready for the run that was only 2 weeks away, but after 4 days and I still could not walk we determined that I should not run.  I've heard all the comforting things since then, I know that there will be other marathons, but at the same time I feel like such a loser.  I worked sooo hard to complete this and to have it taken from me was very tough. I cried the 11th of June because I knew I could have done it (although I was barely walking normal again)

I have put off writing on the blog because if I didn't write it it could still happen.  Well it didn't happen .......this year, maybe next.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still here!

I know it has been quite some time since I last posted, check out our family blog to find out why!!! I ran 16 miles today I should be doing 20, but I am having such issues with my feet that I just do what I can, today though my goal was 20,around mile 13 I was hurting so bad from the blisters that I had begun compensating for the pain by running on the outside of my foot and I'm not sure what I did but I do have a doctor appointment in the morning. I'm hoping I haven't hurt myself to badly. Right now I can't even walk on my foot but the most frustrating part is that really I felt good I think I could've gone the full 20 of course that is easy to say right??? I will update the results tomorrow.

Have a great day:)

Monday, April 18, 2011


So many people ask me "why a marathon?" 
This weekend I was in Salt Lake City and needed to run 14 miles so I googled running clubs, picked one and ran with a new group of 'friends', one of the runners asked "why did you decide to run a marathon?"  The answer I usually give is "because I can't climb Mt Everest" I've thought a lot about that question the past 2 days and I think right now the reason I'm doing this goes back a long way maybe it's time you all heard my story.

May 2007 sitting at the park watching my boys play, my sister calls, which is nothing unusual we talked almost everyday, but she is bothered by something I can tell. She tells me that AmyLynne, her 4 year old daughter has had blood in her urine. Well that means a kidney infection right? They were coming to Preston for the weekend because Dylan was being baptized,  'just run her in here for a quick check'. No infection go and see your regular Dr. when you get home. Well after 3 weeks of  'let's do an xray' 'can't really see anything' 'what about an ultra-sound' and finally KL just saying do a CT scan. AmyLynne has cancer. For more on her story visit

I watched from the sidelines as an aunt to this sweet little girl, doing whatever I needed to do to help, at times not sure what to do, trying to be strong when KL would ask me the hard questions,"do you think she will die?" Then being at home and letting out the tears and frustrations that I felt for them. 
We came across the Pablove bike across America, they dedicated one day to AmyLynne, looking at their website I saw that they had a team for the LA marathon, I had run some 5k's and thought maybe I could participate in the 10k. 
Then as late Sept turned into early Oct I realized I could easily run a 10k.  AmyLynne had done things that were NOT easy, I needed to do something hard for her, for me, for her family, for KayLynne, for all the children that have to go through this.  We saw and heard of miracles almost everyday not only with AmyLynne but with so many others. AmyLynne passed away October 9, 2010 after a fight worth running a marathon for.

Utah valley marathon is 100% charitable for "Christmas for Families with kids with Cancer"

I have witnessed those I love and care about doing hard things and if this will make something hard become easy for someone else I will do it.

Why am I running a marathon? Because, it is HARD

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blood sweat and tears......minus the blood:)

I have a couple of very disturbing items to discuss today.....

First Blisters

Yes I know I have such beautiful feet, but if you will look beyond that you will notice the very sore blisters on my feet, they hurt so bad I was unable to wear any shoes for 2 days and could hardly walk.  I have since gone through 2 pairs of shoes to find some that will not hinder my running.  I have gotten advise from many to say that this is now just a part of my life ENJOY!!! But then again others say that there is no reason for blisters, oh what to do. I'm to the point that I'm thinking I will just have to put up with them, maybe I will give them names:) I run 14 miles this weekend I will let you know how it goes with Romeo and Juliet???

Next comes the horrible demise of my very favorite sweats.  If you have been with me from the beginning you will remember as I was running and I popped one of my buttons so I had to run the last mile home holding up my pants? Well I simply used a safety pin because they were my favorite sweats.  Sadly the other button gave way, I have since searched far and wide for anything similar to no avail, I'm thinking that 7 years is too long to own a pair of sweats or at least I need to buy 2 pairs, if I ever find something I love so much again!!

Only 9 more weeks to go:0

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life of ease???

I have not posted in awhile, I have been lucky enough to go with Shawn on some trips, we went to Nashville, Seattle, and Palm Springs.  Of the 3 Palm Springs was definitely my favorite!!  The weather was spectacular to say the least!

Running in Nashville was not much fun, I had to run on a treadmill and I just loooove that so much, NOT.
But I stayed on course and got it done. I will post more pictures and more detail on our family blog!

Seattle was actually very beautiful, the sun was shining and no rain, but again treadmill running:(

Now to my favorite, Palm Springs.  The consignor(sp?) sent me to the mountains for a trail that he told me was very popular

If you can see at the base are lots of rocks, yes it is a mountain trail all right.  I started up thinking it was pretty rough, the higher I climbed the more I realized that this was not a running trail but indeed a hiking trail, I had gone about 250 yards when I turned to look back and caught a glimpse of the trail I would now need to go down.......bad move. I am scared to death of heights and I was high. I sat there for a few minutes wondering how I was going to get down, I had not taken my phone so I couldn't call for help, it is Palm Springs the average age is 70 I think so who could come and carry me down??? I proceeded to shimmy my way back down the trail trying not to look down and also avoid the lizards that had come out to enjoy my little adventure!! Needless to say by the time I got down I was full of anxiety and really ready to run! So I started going down the street, the weather was perfect, the sidewalk flat, and no lizards!! I ran about 6 miles and felt great, I could have gone farther but ran out of town.  I would have to say that that was my best run EVER I felt great and totally enjoyed it.

Now back home, it has been cold and windy so I have decided that I am for sure a fair weather runner!!

15 weeks left until the big day, we are looking for a half marathon to run close to home that will give us a chance to get a race day feel, but not embarrass us too much!!

Friday, February 4, 2011


6 miles in 1 hour 59:58:99:) I did it, I finally hit the big 6 miles!! I'm not sure why this is such a big thrill for me, maybe because 6 miles is twice the distance I had ever run when I started to train for this or maybe it is just because it really is a long way to run!! Whatever the reason it is now done and over and once again i have that belief that I can go 26.2 miles.

Shawn rode the bike with me and helped to keep me going, he has promised to ride along on all my long runs, we will see how he does at 20 miles! He is the best:) It helps to know that there are so many out there giving support and encouragement.  Thanks!

Make sure and check out the "give a million to St Jude" blog, it is really easy to donate and for another great cause.

Just some more random thoughts as I run;

Is it ok to take deep breaths when I go past the horse barn? (it really stinks)

Does it help that I wave to everyone as they drive past?

Does it rain in heaven?

Blue cars really do show the dirt more

Shawn only has to go to scout camps for 5 more years!!!!!!!

I wonder if margarine really does repel ants????

Have a great day:)